• Booty Call Booty Double Dare

    Do you dare to have double the fun? We double dare you to try the Booty Call Booty Double Dare™ probe and stimulator, complete with beads for extra fun and excitement. This stylish multi-purpose toy isa versatile hybrid of pleasure giving stimulators that can be used together or individually. Suitable to use on yourself during your alone time or just as great to share with a partner, the kitbrings together a 3.25” long and 1” wide pleasure probe, a set of 8” long and 0.75” wide beads with graduating sizes, and a 2” long and 1” wide vibrating stimulator with multiple speed options.

  • Accommodator Latex Dong

    Explore your wildest desires and fantasies with the erotic “Original” Accommodator Latex Dong. The “original” oral sex stimulator is designed to deliver intense orgasmic pleasure, for you and your lover. The easy to use, versatile dong extends the ecstasy possibilities by providing hands-free stimulation and penetration for the simultaneous application.

    The dong is made from smooth, super flexible and stretchy latex, and comprises of a penis shaped probe attached to pliable straps that are worn over the head. Once in position, the exotic dong offers the ultimate flexible delivery of sensuous oral pleasure. The hands free dong let’s you take full control of your lover’s satisfaction via simultaneous vaginal and anal exploration.

  • Booty Call Booty Bender

    Enjoy mind-blowing multi-directional stimulation with the Booty Call Booty Bender, a must-have massaging probe for deep, sexy and sensual play in the bedroom. Add some fun, excitement and romance to your love life with this super flexible beaded probe which measures 7” long with tapered beads that give you that toe-tingling ribbed feeling with every movement. To add even more excitement, this self-contained silicone probe features 3 intense speeds of vibration so you can shake things up and enjoy intense, orgasmic sensations at the press of a button. The easy push button control allows you to switch on and off and select your preferred speed, making it super easy to use during foreplay. And because the vibrating probe is completely waterproof and safe to use with any liquids including lubricants, you can maximize your experience in the bedroom or take it with you every time you shower.

  • Booty Call Silicone Groove Probe

    Whether you’re a bashful beginner or an erotic expert, CalExotics Booty Call® Silicone Groove Probe is here to help you get down with intense backdoor pleasure. This sleek probe offers streamlined pleasure from smooth top down the flexible, hollowed body that slips comfortably inside for tantalizingly erotic stimulation.

    The petite probe’s shaft increases in girth for superb pleasure at any level of pleasure play with a pliable. The pliable plug is equipped with a strong o-shaped retrieval ring to provide maximum safety and control for you or your partner. No matter when the urge strikes, this adventurous plug is ready to thrill during your next Booty Call!

  • Booty Call Booty Rocker

    Rock your way to stimulation and pleasure in the most sensual, orgasmic way with the Booty Call™ Booty Rocker™, an innovative prostate stimulator which features a unique design. The flexible and pliable silicone material offers maximum comfort, the user-friendly shape promises easy application, and the unique rocking base brings your foreplay to a whole new level of sensory satisfaction. The probe allows you to have full control of your movement and you can take the lead with your physical stimulation, with every touch and every arousal.

    Made with a pure silicone, the entire probeis safe for every skin type and can be used for even the most intimate parts of the body, while the pliable probe head eliminates discomfort so you can focus on really enjoying yourself, either on your own or with a loved one. Additionally, the EZ pull handle makes it extremely easy to retrieve. So if you’re looking for a user-friendly product that is both safe and simple to handle (even for less experienced users), the sexy and sensual probe comes highly recommended.

  • Booty Call Petite Probe

    Whether you’re a beginner anal toy enthusiast or an erotic expert, CalExotics Booty Call Petite Probe is your ticket to a wonderland of intense backdoor pleasure. The flexible probe offers an ergonomically curved shaft for comfortably insertion and tantalizing pleasure ridges for erotic stimulation like you’ve never experienced. The petite anal sex toys curved shape and contoured base are superb for backdoor pleasure, no matter what your experience level. With an ergonomically shaped probe and base, you can embrace comfortable insertion, effortless stimulation and gentle removal. This silicone anal toy has intense ridges for mind-blowing stimulation worthy of your most X-rated, anal sex fantasies. Sit back, relax and enjoy this Booty Call!

  • Booty Call Booty Rocket

    Enjoy endless pleasure with the Booty Call™ Booty Rocket™, a smooth probe complete with 10 massage settings. This is an advanced size probe, designed for full prostate stimulation and personalized pleasure. The tapered shaft allows you to work your way up at your own speed while the 10 unique vibration settings give you complete control of the vibrating probe. The smooth silicone probe is safe and comfortable to use, measuring 4.75”in length and 1.25” in width and its pliable nature gives you flexibility of movement plus easy application and retrieval; complete with a tapered shaft, you can personalize your own prostate pleasure and enjoy the different stimulation with each area of the probe. The 10 different pleasure settings include a series of vibration, pulsation, and escalation so you can tease, play and tantalize with a choice of changing sensations. With a simple one button control, the vibrating probe is easy to use, either one your own or with a partner and the push button system gives you complete control of the probe and its massaging vibrations.

  • Booty Call Booty Beads

    Add a sense of romance and adventure into the bedroom and take your love to new heights with the Booty Call™ Booty Beads™. The sensual intimate beads will offer users maximum satisfaction and an advanced feeling of prostate pleasure for singles and couples alike. The grooved design emulates the smooth curves and textures that you get with beads and will stimulate your body in so many ways plus the design will bring you deeper, greater and much more sensual gratification.

    Hitting the G-spot in the most targeted way, the beads will bring joy to every bedroom, and can give your love life a new lease of passion. Combined with a rocking base, the beads will let you rock your way to climax. With the rocking motion, you can guarantee a sexy and sensual experience, either on your own or with as partner, and you can enjoy full control throughout. Every movement and every touch will be in your hands, and you can go as fast or slow as you like.

  • Booty Call Booty Vibro Kit

    Get 3 toys in 1 and have triple the fun with the Booty Call Booty Vibro Kit; a sleek, fun and pleasurable kit for lovers or single users designed in a flirtatiously style. This fantastic trio of products is totally versatile, and each can be usedindividually, or they can be used together to maximize stimulation and erotic massage in various areas of the body. Joining forces, the kit brings you a smooth 3.75” long and 1” wide probe, a set of 4.5” long and 1.25” wide pleasure beads with graduating sizes, plus a 2” long and 1” wide stimulator bullet with multi-speed vibrations. Together, all 3 can give you the time of your life across all erogenous zones while the kit can be disassembled, and each element can be used individually.

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