K-Y Lubricating Jelly Sterile 82g


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K-Y  Lubricating Jelly  Sterile  82g

KY Jelly is a hygienic, water-based product that delivers natural feeling like the body’s own vaginal moisture. Also safe for use with rubber tips. Hormone-free, its pH corresponds to the natural vaginal environment. Insoluble, water-soluble and non-irritating. Particularly suitable for electrotherapy treatment and heat loss mirroring and subsequent vaginal lubrication. It can also help with tampon insertion or rectal thrombosis. 

After use should be washed with water,  Squeeze the gel about 1 inch long and apply it to the penis or the female or condom or sex toy to use the implant. Apply all over the area before implant. can be added to the gel if it is not slippery enough.

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K-Y Lubricating Jelly Sterile 82g