Mother’s Day – To the best Mother of all…


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To the best Mother of all…
My Mom
If I had to pick one thing
about you, Mom,
that makes you so special,
I don’t think it would be possible.
I couldn’t begin to count
the number of times
you tolerated my moods,
consoled my heartbreaks
and disappointments,
endured my ups and downs,
listened to words confused
by tears,
and just simply understood
for no other reason
than because
you love me…

Mom, the years hold precious memories,
but most of all, they hold growth.
In a way, we grew up together.
There’s still some growing left to do,
but one thing becomes more clear to me
with each passing day,
and I hope you know:
there’s no other mom like you,
and I love you very much.

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Mother's Day - To the best Mother of all...