UbiRock Portable Vibration Speaker


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UbiRock Portable Vibration Speaker

If you haven’t heard of it before, you probably would have no idea what an UbiRock is if you saw one. We’ll take an in-depth look at what it is and whether you should buy one in the hands-on UbiRock Portable Vibration Speaker Review.

A typical speaker uses electromagnetism to move the voice coil, which passes those vibrations on to the speaker cone, which in turns moves the air, creating sound waves. The UbiRock is essentially a speaker, but without a cone or diaphragm. By itself it doesn’t move the air much, so it produces very little sound. But by placing it in contact with other objects, such as a desk, wall, cardboard box, etc., the object acts as the speaker diaphragm and the object’s surface produces sound.

If any of that sounded complex, it really is quite simple. Just plug the UbiRock into a sound source, such as an iPhone, iPod, or laptop computer, and press it against objects to turn it into a speaker. You can play your favorite music through the top of your desk, then see how it sounds through a wall, window, or other surface.

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UbiRock Portable Vibration Speaker


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