Vulgarville – The Crude And Hilarious Adult Board Game


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Vulgarville – The Crude And Hilarious Adult Board Game

“Vulgarville is the ultimate board game for adults who want an outrageously funny time with their friends and family. Filled with naughty cartoons and dirty jokes, this wild party game will leave you in hysterics! The objective of this crazy adult board game is to become Mayor of a seedy place called Vulgarville. Bribe, steel, and connive as you race to accumulate votes. Meet deranged VOTERS such as Skidmark Rose, Chuck Chunks and many other hilarious characters. Visit PLACES such as the Vulgarville Brothel and Diner. When you encounter vulgarity you’ll inch nearer to victory. Nice things will just hamper your chances! Play Vulgarville for the chance to screw over other players, read out dirty jokes, tell funny stories and keep score on a very large penis. And at the end of the game, you’ll experience an exciting fight among you and your rivals as you strive to claim victory and become Mayor. With it’s dirty and grossed-out theme, Vulgarville sure is different to the typical, average board games that are on the market today. We view it as not just a game but a great way to stimulate an evening of rip roaring fun. Sure the play itself is great but more importantly, it will break the ice and get your party in the mood. The images and cards in this party game stimulate players to crack jokes and tell their own grossed-out stories. The actual game itself is only the start of a great time.”


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    Vulgarville - The Crude And Hilarious Adult Board Game