Thank You – Finally A Thank-You…


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a thank-you note 

that says 

how I really feel.


…grateful, happy, excited, elated, bewildered,

amazed, loved, adored, cherished, supported,

important, fussed-over, acknowledged, pleased,

obliged, praised, honored, recognized, merry,

mirthful, joyful, cheerful, delighted, gleeful, glad,

contented, satisfied, enraptured, cheery, jolly,

sparkling, enchanted, blissful, jovial, peaceful,

exhilarated, gratified, ecstatic, charmed, pleaseant,

overjoyed, lighthearted, radiant, vivacious, sunny,

smiling, content, animated, lively, spirited, exuberant,

good-humored, jubilant, playful, thrilled, carefree,

in good spirits, happy as a lark, beside myself,

jazzed up, bubbling over, tickled to death, happy-

go-lucky, in seventh heaven, on cloud 9, walking

on sunshine, high as a kite, forever in your debt,

embarrassed, unworthy, pleased aspunch,

happy as a clam overjoyed…


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Thank You - Finally A Thank-You...